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To Our Obstetrical Patients

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Thank you for choosing us for your health care during this special time.  Our goal is to work together with you to provide a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed by our office you will be scheduled for a prenatal interview.  At this visit you will talk with one of our nurses regarding your and your partner’s health, and your family history.  Our recommendations regarding diet, activity and many other topics will be discussed.  An appointment will also be scheduled with the doctor for your physical exam, and review of any tests or ultrasounds that have been ordered.

You will see us monthly up to approximately 28 weeks, every other week up to 36 weeks and then weekly until you deliver.  During each visit you will be required to provide a urine sample.  We will measure your weight and blood pressure, and the doctor will listen and record your baby’s heart rate.

Routine testing during pregnancy includes an anatomy ultrasound between 19-20 weeks, 1hour glucose and CBC at 28 weeks, and group B strep culture at 36 weeks.

We strongly recommend that you enroll in prenatal classes, and they are offered free of charge at Samaritan Medical Center.

If at any time throughout your pregnancy you have any questions or concerns that cannot wait until your next appointment, please call our office regardless of the time, prior to presenting at the hospital.

Thank you again for choosing Comprehensive Women’s Health Care Services.

Warm regards,

The Medical, Nursing & Administrative Team